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Main House OMR Master 1A

I am happy to announce that I was the fortunate recipient of a liver transplant on April 8th, 2015.  The team at UCSF ( University of California San Francisco) earned their reputation as the best in the world and I’m living proof.  Recovery from such a procedure is a long and challenging proposition.  I was fortunate to spend the first six weeks after release from the hospital on a horse ranch in Woodside California. A more healing and restful environment, I can’t imagine.  I could barely walk when I arrived but day by day I regained strength and basic motor skills.  I had visited the ranch last year and shot photographs during the spring and fall.  I supplemented these images with additional shots when I regained enough strength to hold my camera steady.  Using the photographs as my guides / templates, I created a series of digital paintings to reflect my time at the ranch.  It’s my thank you and salute to Oak Meadow Ranch and its owner, Fentress Hall.

The paintings are now on display in Barnes Gallery under the Woodside Paintings Gallery tab.  Limited edition prints, 24 x 36 are available. Write to me at  for a quote and additional information.  OMR is a magical place and I can never express my deep gratitude in having the time to heal in that wonderful environment. – Robert Barnes


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