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Main House OMR Master 1A

I am happy to announce that I was the fortunate recipient of a liver transplant on April 8th, 2015.  The team at UCSF ( University of California San Francisco) earned their reputation as the best in the world and I’m living proof.  Recovery from such a procedure is a long and challenging proposition.  I was fortunate to spend the first six weeks after release from the hospital on a horse ranch in Woodside California. A more healing and restful environment, I can’t imagine.  I could barely walk when I arrived but day by day I regained strength and basic motor skills.  I had visited the ranch last year and shot photographs during the spring and fall.  I supplemented these images with additional shots when I regained enough strength to hold my camera steady.  Using the photographs as my guides / templates, I created a series of digital paintings to reflect my time at the ranch.  It’s my thank you and salute to Oak Meadow Ranch and its owner, Fentress Hall.

The paintings are now on display in Barnes Gallery under the Woodside Paintings Gallery tab.  Limited edition prints, 24 x 36 are available. Write to me at  for a quote and additional information.  OMR is a magical place and I can never express my deep gratitude in having the time to heal in that wonderful environment. – Robert Barnes


Photography Exhibit


For those of you in the Tampa / St. Petersburg area, or just visiting the beautiful beaches of St. Pete – I encourage you to visit Eckerd College and see the Alumni Photography Exhibition. The exhibit runs from January 25th through March 6th.

It features the work of 19 Alumni Photographers and I’m proud to be included in the curated exhibit.  Eckerd’s Art Department was fundamental in my growth as an artist and I will always be forever in their debt. – Robert

Every piece of art, music and photography I create, passes through a Macintosh on its way to realization.  Here’s to 30 years of innovation. – Robert

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The City of Reno is a leader in arts and culture. The community has a rich variety of special events, historic buildings, performing arts and galleries. A strong public art program helps sustain and encourage downtown economic development. Cultural diversity and history are embraced and interwoven within the fabric of our city. Discover why we are Artown.

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Reno Is

CLICK HERE to see the complete calendar of events for July 2013.

Inner Doubts

CLICK HERE to view the art work “Inner Doubts” by Rafael Rozendaal.

Be patient while it starts up.

Leave it up to soothe your environment.  It can expand to fill your screen.


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Thanks to Peter B.

by Chris Kotsiopoulos

Featured on the Astronomy PIcture of the Day on May 4, 2011.

The sky in motion! Ancient temples, old churches, stone bridges, a castle, a ship wreck, and a wind mill, all combined with celestial objects. This is a timelapse collection that took me two years to assemble.

This inspirational song is the orchestral version of Undisclosed Desires from Muse. — CK

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Thanks to Ann R. for passing this link to us.

Illustration by Andrzej Krauze

From Series: Rules for writers

Get an accountant, abstain from sex and similes, cut, rewrite, then cut and rewrite again – if all else fails, pray. Inspired by Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing, we asked authors for their personal dos and don’ts.

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This is the trailer for Human Planet from BBC One. It is 3:33 in length, and it’s worthy of your time and attention. The photography is outstanding! Truly amazing. This is the epitome of “The Good Stuff”.

The series is available to view through various sources including YouTube.

“Human Beings can see distant galaxies 13.7 billion light years away, share information at the speed of light and change the face of the entire planet… yet sometimes we are simply too stupid to understand each other or unable see a certain problem from another person’s perspective.” (comment from one viewer)

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Thanks to Donna O. for bringing this one to our attention.

Naples was the most bombed Italian city in WWII and the impact of these attacks can be seen here:

Many of us have heard stories, read books and watched films which show the many impacts of WWII across the world. Today we’re giving you another way to understand this period in time – by exploring a new set of historical aerial images, taken over European cities during World War II, via the historical imagery feature in Google Earth. They can now be compared directly to images from the present day.

The historical imagery feature gives people a unique perspective on the events of the past using today’s latest mapping technology. We hope that this World War II imagery will enable all of us to understand our shared history in a new way and to learn more about the impact of the war on the development of our cities.

Images taken in 1943 show the effect of wartime bombing on more than 35 European towns and cities. Imagery for Warsaw, which was heavily destroyed at the time, is available from both years 1935 and 1945. They remind us all of the devastating impact of war on the people in those cities and also the remarkable way in which urban environments are reconstructed and regenerated over time.

You can explore the German city of Stuttgart, which was subject to over 50 air raids during the War.

CLICK HERE to visit WWII historical imagery in Google Earth.