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Image by Robert Barnes

Against The Fall Of Night
Number One • World Trade Center

There are people on this Earth that would bring another age of darkness. They seek destruction, they seek chaos, they have no conscience, they know no pity or empathy for their fellow man. They would burn books they dislike. They persecute those who worship God in a manner different from their own. They would subjugate women as chattel and legalize slavery of their neighbors. They would rule the world or destroy it.

They come from all varieties of national, ethnic and religious diversity found on our planet. They are forces of ignorance and destruction. Their brand of hatred leaves no room for Truth or Love.

We stand as a family, a people, a nation — against this tide of evil.

I shot this image of the World Trade Center in 1980 while working to open the CNN New York Bureau in the lobby. It is the companion piece to my other work titled “The Fabric of Civilization”.

Visit to view more and print a free copy as part of our remembrance of 9-11.


One Comment

  1. Thank you, Rob. R.T. and I talked about you the other day . both of us were
    wishing you and Cathy well. Thank you for the beautiful memento.

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