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My good friend, photographer John Santoro, wrote me this morning. Here’s what he had to say about Brian Lanker.

I just wanted you to know that one of the giants of mid to late 20th century journalism passed away this week. His name was Brian Lanker. For me, Lanker was one of those guys whose photos you would scour newspapers and magazines to find. If one of the photo magazines ever did a feature on him it felt like a Christmas present. He was a contract shooter for Sports Illustrated and he was also picked up frequently by Time and others. He won a Pulitzer in 1973. A big portion of whatever I learned about light and composition was by following Lanker. I always wanted to work with him but the closest I got to that dream was to work with a couple of his co-workers at SI.

He died at age 63. This is getting close for a lot of us and it makes you think.

This link is to a New York Times feature on Lanker that is running today. I just thought you might like to give it a look.

CLICK HERE to reach the article in the NYT.

The last paragraph says it all for us: “A little over a week ago, not long after Mr. Lanker learned he had inoperable cancer, Mr. Davaz visited him at home. “There were tears in his eyes,” Mr. Davaz recalled. “In a whisper, he said, ‘There’s just so much left to do.’”

— John

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