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Vivian Maier, evidently one of America’s more insightful street photographers, has at last been discovered. The release of every fresh image on the Web causes a sensation among the growing legion of her admirers. Ms. Maier’s streetscapes manage simultaneously to capture a redolent sense of place and the paradoxical moments that give the city its jazz, while elevating and dignifying the people in her frames – vulnerable, noble, defeated, proud, fragile, tender and often quite funny.

She is currently being honored with a one-woman show, “Finding Vivian Maier: Chicago Street Photographer,” at the Chicago Cultural Center in the Loop. Sadly, Ms. Maier wasn’t able to attend the opening. She died two years ago, at 83.

Excerpted from NYT article by David W. Dunlap

Click Here to Visit the Vivian Maier Blog.

You will find many links to a wealth of her connections.

Thanks to Karl M. for bringing Ms. Maier to our attention.

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  1. I love her imaging – takes my breath away – you are transported to that time and at the same time it feels like today… a quiet reverence.

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