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TAC Campaign – 20 year Anniversary retrospective montage “Everybody Hurts” music by REM TV ad.

What place has this video got on an “Art” blog? Well if just one of you, who would otherwise die during this holiday season, actually lives because you see this 5:22 video – then you’ll have my answer.

I flew to Atlanta this past weekend for a reunion with WTCG / TBS colleagues. It was a wonderful time. I flew home Monday and as we made our way to the airport parking lot on the shuttle bus, someone in a large truck ran the light as we were crossing the intersection. I yelled as did another passenger. Our driver stomped on the brakes and we missed colliding by a mere few inches. The truck would have come right through the side door straight into my lap.

You are very dear people to me. Share this bit with your friends and family. Life is short enough already.

I want to thank Dr. Jones for passing this link along to us. He writes: “The word intense doesn’t do justice to this Australian ad… it’s always interesting to see public service commercials so well made.” I think you’ll agree.

-Robert Barnes


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